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testing app on xbox

Jan 28, 2016 at 10:15 AM
i want to use this project to automate testing for applications on xbox, like HBO go app from home box office. I can automate much tasks using XboxGamepad but how i can see and measure the reflection for that, what is data measured and reported ?

also, is it must to have XDK, i don't have that and we are not developing games, we don't have subscription to XBOX development program ?

and when i build the solution it is give me error:

Cannot find the interop type that matches the embedded interop type 'Microsoft.Xbox.XTF.GAMEPAD_REPORT'. Are you missing an assembly reference? E:\xboxconsole-39542\XboxConsole.Adapter.April2014\CSC XboxConsole.Adapter.April2014

Thanks for your help.
Jan 28, 2016 at 10:36 PM

I'm not entirely clear on what you're asking in your first question. For the games I've worked on, generally when we send gamepad input, we use debug output or some other form of communication back from the game in order to verify the input had the desired effect. Specifically, we've recently been using the solution here: I hope that helps a bit.

The solution is intended to require access to the XDK and we have never tested XboxConsole without an XDK installed. My guess is that there are required dependencies that are only available with an XDK. You're welcome to try and get it running in that environment (likely by removing features or redirecting the binary search path), but I'm not going to be able to provide support. Sorry.